Anonymous said: (I'm the same person with the crush Shaun) (And yes I am a girl haha) I'm pretty sure he is looking for a relationship, and I am too, and I think he's definitely interested because he keeps telling me I'm beautiful and funny and smart and nice and no guy has ever made me this happy before so yes I'm planning on snatching him up haha :)

That’s perfect! Are you planning on asking him out, or are you gonna wait until he asks you?? Because it definitely sounds like there’s some sparks there!!

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Accurate gif of me when someone is talking about Fall Out Boy 


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Anonymous said: My crush is named Shaun and I met him once a while ago through a mutual friend but we never really talked until a few days ago when we found each other on Tinder, and we've been talking nonstop since then. We're on the same wavelength about basically everything, it's incredible And he has a beard and an eyebrow piercing, both of which actually look very good on him, so like HOT DAMN

Oh man, you need to snatch that boy up, he sounds PERFECT. And I mean, you started talking on Tinder, which means you’re both looking for a relationship, right? Girl (or guy my bad if you’re a dude), I wish you the best of luck!!

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Anonymous said: hihihi my name's izzy and I want to tell you about my crush, which I'm actually lucky to call my boyfriend he's really cute and he's taller than me and he makes me really happy I just want to hug him forever, okok that is all

That’s so adorable! Oh god, I’m so happy for you! I absolutely love things like this!!

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Anonymously tell me about your crush



Because it’s fun and I love hearing your stories 


i always blab about my crushes so please tell me about yours~

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Someone please room with me at Hydrafest. I desperately want to go, but it’s DOUBLE the price if you room alone since there’s no single occupancy rooms. I can’t afford to pay double. 

I swear I don’t bite! Message me if you’re looking for roommates! 

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why don’t we ever talk about tyler joseph in a onesie

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things fall out boy’s new music could be:

  • 10 billion banjos and andy narrating wild life documentaries
  • really bad 2003 techno
  • throat singing and didgeridoos
  • patrick yodels for 10 hours straight while pete makes fart noises
  • gabe saporta
  • mid life crisis soft rock 
  • joe breathing loudly into the mic

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